Tattoo artist from Prague
Tattoo artist from Prague
Tattoo artist from Prague
Design of my works reflects the aesthetics of botanical themes: flowers, trees, field herbs. Each plant is unique, as are the people who come to the sessions.

I like to combine natural forms with body lines. To catch the balance and harmony of the interaction of man and nature.

Separately, I lead the project "elusive beauty" dedicated to plants on the verge of extinction. Caring for the environment and conscious consumption inspire me to attract attention to this problem.
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The minimal cost is 1 800 KC.
Each tattoo project is individual, so the exact cost can be found after consultation.
Each tattoo project is individual, so the exact cost can be found after consultation.
My career began with training with Sasha Masiuk. She inspired me to work with ink and needles.

Four years ago, I started working at the Sashatattooing studio in St. Petersburg, and I sincerely love this place and team.

As a co-owner of this project, every day I am inspired by the work of our Artists. Decorate people and create a unique style what could be better.
- Does the Artist use anesthesia?

- I do not use anesthesia during the work, as a rule, with its use, the tattoo heals much worse.
- How safe is tattooing? Is the Artist's workplace sterile?

- In my work I use only disposable supplies. This applies to needles, needle holders, ink caps.
Any surfaces are pre-treated with a special antibacterial agent. Spray bottles with soap and any items that are used during the work are packed in cling film, which is changed after each session.
- What inks are used in the process?

- The work uses only high-quality and certified pigments.
«lack pigment: Dynamic ink / Nocturnal
Color pigments: World Famous Ink
- How often do tattoos need to be updated? Can a tattoo after several years look the same as after a session?

- Within a year after the session, the ink completely settles in the skin and the tattoo will look different than immediately after the session. The skin will never have a perfect black or milky white pigment, especially if there are no other shades nearby for contrast.

It is also necessary to take the fact that each person has his own skin tone, and the same pigment may look different. The lighter your skin, the more vivid shades look on it.
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